Thursday, 6 December 2012

Symbols Selected From St. Joan of Arc Grade 6/7

 The following students work was included in the 100 selected symbols.  It was very difficult to choose from the many excellent submissions.  Some images were selected for the unique subject matter, others because the image was engaging and well executed.  I think all of the images give us a sense of the place we live in and the people who live in this province.  This for me is the essence of a Saskatchewan symbol.  

The student's teacher, Ms. Fischer, asked each of the students the following questions:
What did you draw?
Why is it important to you?
What does it represent?

A Sun, star, and the earth.
Because a sun and star is part of the Philippine flag and my country is important to me.
The world and my country.
I drew a log house with a path to a hockey rink.
It's important to me because I wanted to include a log house from pioneer days.
It is important to me because I really like to play hockey.  And that I like log houses, they are cool.

It's my grandma's house reminding me of Saskatchewan.
I drew a book with a picture of a pencil and blue pencil crayon surrounded by vines.  The Book represents reading and the pencil and pencil crayon represent colouring and drawing.  Books are important to me because I read a lot and drawing is important to me because I can really draw good.
This is a picture of me dancing.  The reason I drew dancing is because it's one of my hidden natural talent and the dance I like to do is breakdance.  This picture represents Saskatchewan for me because dancing is enjoyment to have fun, so that is what represents Saskatchewan for me.
I drew this symbol because I am from the Philippines and I came to Canada.  This is important to me because I'm from the Philippines. This represents where I'm from and where I went to.
I drew a bird flying through a metal bar.  Because I love birds and nature.  It represents how Canada will always let people have freedom.

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