Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Saskatchewan Brands

From Greg...
This symbol is a family generational cattle brand.  It first started as a backward 'D' when my grandfather first joined the PFRA community pasture system.  He was the fourth patron to sign on to the system and was given the brand of the backward 'D'.  This was a way to identify each patron's cattle.

In the early 1970's cattle producers were allowed to register their brands.  My father decided to add the 'J' because my mother's name was Doris and his name was Joe.  As a cattle producer myself I have kept the family brand.

From Terry Lynn...

The open A L has been in our family for three generations.  Ranchers used branding to identify their livestock and help prevent theft and loss.  The rancher was very proud of their brand, they had it painted on buildings on the ranch and often used it to identify various livestock they owned.

We have had this Symbol in our family for a long time and every time I see it I think of family who are no longer with us and of course those that are here at present.

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