Saturday, 13 October 2012

My first submission

Thanks to Iain for being the first person to submit a symbol to my legacy project.
Here is what he had to say about this symbol....

Hi Heather:

I thought that the band's new logo would be a good image for your project.

"In 2011, the band developed a new logo, proudly rooted in the prairie wheat
sheaf, which has been an integral part of Saskatchewan's history in the last
100 years. Rising out of the wheat sheaf is the Scottish Thistle, a symbol
the band's work to keep Scottish music and traditions a vibrant part of the
cultural scene on the Canadian prairie."

More than the band, the logo might also be taken to represent the many
pockets of Scottish settlers who contributed so much to the early days of
the province, from the first Premier, to the Scot who designed the
Legislative and Govt House grounds [as well as the tree planning for
Regina], Tommy Douglas even, and many others...settlers at St Andrews,
Colonsay, Govan, Saltcoats, and many more.

Good luck!


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