Friday, 26 October 2012

My picture reasons

The reason I chose to draw four pictures is because in Saskatchewan there is too much to draw then settle for one picture.  I put a picture of a person reading because I have to admit I love to read.  I sometimes spend hours reading a book to get to the next series or to get to the next book in the series.  In my opinion, books aren't just pages with words on them, they are adventures.

The reason I put a person standing on hills is because I like to go exploring through Saskatchewan and it beautiful landscape and hike through the bushes and climb the trees.  There is this place I know of near out cabin and we would have to get there by snowmobiles and while the parents would roast hotdogs the kids would hike to the top of a snow covered treeless hill and when we got to the top we would relax for a few minutes and overlook the lake and then when we were finished we would roll down the hill.

The reason why I put a person diving into the lake is because my parents used to call me a fish because I could spend hours a day swimming in the lake and in pools but the only thing bad about this is you would get wrinkled hands and when my parents would come to take me home at like 10:00 I would be so use to swimming that I won't want to leave.  I don't think I will stop swimming even if I am old and gray.

I put a picture of a tent by a campfire because I have done a lot of camping over the past three years and I really have loved every single little moment of it.  I have done quite a few types of camping like I camped in a trailer or just slept in sleeping bags under the sky filled with stars.  But I really like the times I sleep in the tent with my whole family.

Ryan St. Joan of Arc Grade 7

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